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How I have lived within 50 miles of Cincinnati my whole life and have not eaten goetta is a mystery to me!

Goetta is unique to Cincinnati. It’s like sausage or scrapple, but not quite. A combination of pork, beef, steel cut oats, and spices is sliced and fried in its own drippings. The result is a crisp exterior with a creamy but toothsome interior. Oh, it’s good!


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Some say this is a German-inspired dish, but there’s nothing quite like it in German cuisine that I’ve come across. Others say this has the influence of the Scottish immigrants who were also making do with what they had. I can sense the echoes of haggis with the oats, but goetta’s flavor profile reminds me of those mild Cincinnati white bratwurst.

So, it took me a few decades, and a trip to Findlay Market, but I am now a fan of another Cincinnati delicacy.