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It’s 2° here in Southern Ohio. We’re not built for this sustained cold as they are up north, so I thought I’d share some pictures of the tropics, desert, and rain forest from a recent trip to Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. Their spring garden show starts soon, but this is more of a “latergram” with pictures from a trip between Christmas and New Year’s.

Stained glass entry at Krohn Conservatory

Stained glass entry at Krohn Conservatory

Krohn is an Art Deco wonder, full of beautiful architecture and plants from across the globe. When you enter, it smells luxuriant and fragrant and green, as though you’ve magically been transported to summer. Our sojourn began in the waterfall room, lush with massive palm trees and exotic flowers. Since it was near Christmas, pointsettias were nestled among the birds of paradise.

The rain forest room was humid and warm, a sharp contrast to the cold weather outside. The leaves and flowers reminded me oddly of being in a Dr. Seuss book.

There was a display of replicas of Cincinnati landmarks made of grapevine and twigs. I particularly enjoyed the Fountain Square and riverboat sculptures. It reminded me of performing at Showboat Majestic.

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A brief stop in the desert was refreshing after the humidity of the rain forest. Dry heat and sunshine felt wonderful. We ended our tour through the orchid room, my favorite. Those flowers simply beg to be photographed.

Afterwards, we wandered through Washington Park in Over-The Rhine, an historic neighborhood that’s being revitalized. Majestic Music Hall inspired the nieces to dance as they’d seen in the Nutcracker Ballet when they were wee things.

Lobster Bloody Mary at Anchor OTR

Lobster Bloody Mary at Anchor OTR

We ended our lovely afternoon at The Anchor OTR, a restaurant specializing in seafood. Their lobster Bloody Mary is divine. When you’re in Cincinnati, promise yourself you’ll have one.

I’m warmer now, just having looked at the pictures. Spring will be here soon, right? Cheers!